ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – An Arlington man spent months fighting with T-Mobile over a broken phone that went missing after he sent it back to the company.

When he found himself on the hook for hundreds of dollars, he called The Ones For Justice.

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It’s almost winter, but Luis Whittington said his issue with T-Mobile started in the heat of summer.

T-Mobile agreed to replace his wife’s phone after the device stopped working. As part of the agreement, Whittington returned the broken phone.

“I sent the device as soon as possible,” he said.

Luis Whittington – T-Mobile customer who called The Ones For Justice (CBS 11)

Whittington said he used the box and shipping label provided by T-Mobile.

He said the tracking information showed it was delivered; he even called a few weeks later to confirm.

“In August, I called to make sure, and they told me they had the package,” Whittington said.

But when his September bill arrived, Whittington spotted a charge for $630, which amounted to the balance he owed on the broken phone.

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Luis Whittington’s T-Mobile bill (CBS 11)

Whittington said T-Mobile representatives told him they had not received the package, even though tracking showed it had been delivered to the company’s warehouse.

Whittington said he spent several weeks calling T-Mobile for answers.

But each month his bill showed the outstanding charge.

“And Christmas is around the corner,” Whittington said. “I knew they wouldn’t do anything, so that’s why I decided to call you guys.”

The Ones For Justice emailed T-Mobile.

Less than three hours later, the company contacted Whittington to say the phone had been found. T-Mobile then dropped the charge.

Whittington said that’s one less bill he has to worry about this holiday season.

If you are mailing an important item, always use tracking services offered by the carrier.

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Hold onto any receipts or communication from the company in the event of a conflict.