Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall Defends Plan To Reduce Violent Crime Amid Continued Criticism By Mayor, Council

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall’s long-awaited plan to attack a rise in violent crime has been released and the reviews are mixed.

The 26-page report has been distributed to Mayor Eric Johnson and the Dallas City Council.

Mayor Johnson has already come out and said it doesn’t go nearly far enough to keep 2020 from being as violent in Dallas as 2019.

The goals set out by Chief Hall call for a 10% reduction in murders in Southern Dallas, 10% percent reduction in robberies in Northeast and Southwest Dallas and 5% reduction in violent crime citywide.

She plans to do it by creating an Intelligence Led Policing Division, a 100-Officer Violent Crime Response Team and a plan to Conduct Warrant Roundup as well has creating Deterrent Programs like Cease Fire which tries to get violent offenders to start a non criminal lifestyle.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall (CBS 11)

This crime reduction plan comes after a 27% increase in homicides and aggravated assaults across the city.

Dallas exceeded 200 murders for the first time since 2007.

The Dallas Police Department has faced criticism from city leaders for not addressing the spike in violent crime sooner.

“You got a lot fluff in there,” said Mike Mata, the President of the Dallas Police Association. “When it really comes down to it, to the nuts and bolts of it, we’re just really renaming old plans and old practices.”

Terrance Hopkins, the President of the Black Police Association, said, “I think the goals are fine they’re right on point. I think it’s got some very good parts to it I’m looking forward to seeing those implemented.”


Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson released a statement saying the plan is a good start but believes the  5% and 10 reduction goals are weak and wants to see more specifics about the strategies and a clear timeline to meet objectives.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson (CBS 11)

Here is his full statement:

“This plan is a start. I am pleased to see Chief Hall’s ideas for reducing violent crime in our city. And I am glad to see that she has described this plan as a ‘living’ document, as I have some concerns that I hope to see addressed in the coming weeks.

“For example, our city’s violent crime reduction goals ought to be more ambitious. We should strive to reduce homicides, aggravated assaults, and robberies to 2018 levels citywide, at least. And over the next five years, our aim should be to reduce violent crime back to the historic lows this city saw in 2013 and 2014.

“I would also like to see more details on the implementation of the strategies mentioned in this plan, including some clear timelines and metrics for measuring outcomes.

“Dallas deserves our very best efforts in the year ahead to ensure that 2020 is safer than 2019, and that our residents can sleep soundly knowing that our police department is working aggressively and strategically toward apprehending and deterring violent offenders. This plan is key to our success in this regard, and I look forward to discussing it in more detail with the city manager and the esteemed members of the Dallas City Council.”

Dallas Public Safety Chairman Adam McGough released the following statement on the Dallas Police Department’s 2020 Violent Crime Reduction Plan:

“Chief Hall has taken the necessary first step: the production of a public plan to reduce violent crime in our city. Important improvements are identified and certain tactics are outlined, such as targeted patrols, a violent crime response team, strategic warrant round ups, and a focused deterrent program. As with any comprehensive planning process, a document now exists for everyone to scrutinize, which in turn comes with the opportunity for increased collaboration.

Public safety requires intentional partnerships with all law enforcement agencies, but also with the community at every level. To make our city safer, changes are needed both internally in our Dallas Police Department and externally to forces outside of the Department’s control. I am thankful that Mayor Johnson called for this plan, and I stand alongside him and all my council colleagues to ensure that we do everything in our power to reverse the rising trends and make Dallas the safest big city in the country.

Our goals need to be much more ambitious, and there are areas where greater measures must be developed to define success of tactics being deployed. We must have a clearly defined implementation strategy and the discipline to evaluate every strategy with regularity, transparency, and specificity.

I look forward to Chief Hall briefing our public safety committee, discussing tactics in greater depth, and working together to produce a safer city for all.”