By Robbie Owens

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the other side of the boom in e-commerce: the post holiday rush to ship those online shopping returns. ​

“I’ve mostly done all my shopping online lately and the returns are so easy here,” says Amy May in Dallas while dropping up packages at a UPS store on Mockingbird.

Shoppers like May are one reason “It’s gotten a lot easier for consumers to return things,” says UPS Store manager Danny Hampton. “They either have labels on them, which makes it easy, or they have little mobile codes they can show us on their phone… and it’s as easy as scan it and walk away–at least for Amazon: some other ones are more complicated; but, you just scan it and walk away.”​

There’s no debating that e-commerce giant Amazon has changed the way we shop, and likewise the way customers return unwanted items.

“I live in this neighborhood and this UPS store is always so quick,” says May. “I walk in, put my items on the counter, walk out. Takes 30 seconds.”​

According to UPS, January 2 is their busiest return day and they’re expecting a 26% increase over last year, but staffers are ready and want customers to be prepared as well.​

“Just know what goes with what,” says Hampton. “I’ve seen people with 20 to 30 returns. If you just know what goes with what, what code, what label, we’ll take care of the rest of it.”​

Returning online purchases at UPS Store (CBS 11)

Just don’t miss those “return by” deadlines. ​