FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s no “flight plan” plan yet for Fort Worth’s convention center “space ship” to leave downtown, but that’s what a design committee named Tuesday is tasked with charting.

The committee of elected officials, business leaders and downtown stakeholders will lead the design process expected to include adding more exhibit space, a full catering kitchen, underground parking and a building that connects better with the rest of downtown.

Fort Worth Convention Center arena (CBS 11)

It’s a projected $430 million facelift on the half-century old facility. The cost will be a wash according to city officials, with the increase in revenue from more bookings.

“People love meeting here,” said Visit Fort Worth president Bob Jameson. “And we’re responding to, not diminished demand. We are responding to pent up, unmet demand.”

The increase in space could nearly double bookings, and increase attendance to more than 1.2 million.

Eliminating the arena, known for it’s spaceship-like look, has been talked about for years but became a real option when the new Dickies Arena opened in late 2019.

Dickies Arena north facade (Tom Riehm – CBS 11)

  1. c says:

    Really? The city wants to spend that kind of money for revenue, but they can’t even take care of or consider their age old police air support unit? Look into this story. They spent the Air Support Unit money on building a fitness facility at the new hanger, but they give flack for parts and maintenance that needs to be done to the ships. The city has 2 age old helicopters policing this wonderful city, and only one mechanic to maintain these ships. The city has refused for years to hire another person to help and they continue to hassle the upkeep of the age old ships they have. Glad to see where the city’s priorities lie.

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