FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — A Polytechnic High School student was shot and stabbed at a Texaco on East Rosedale Street in Fort Worth Thursday, according to police.

The student — who has not been identified — survived and was taken to a local hospital, and Fort Worth police are now looking for the two suspects who attacked him.

The Texaco where it happened is right across the street from the school, and many Poly students go there during lunch to grab a bite to eat.

Surveillance footage from the convenience store shows the victim being chased to the other side of the building by another young man.

“We’re just going to the store to buy a drink or something, and everyone starts rounding up, so I go over there,” one student who witnessed the fight said. “ And you know, there’s this dude stabbing the other dude.”

Cell phone video shows how the fight escalates from there.

“In the middle of that fight, I’m not sure what took place, but someone else was summoned upon to assist, and that individual had a handgun,” Fort Worth Police Officer Buddy Calzada said. “As that one person was either being held down or in the middle of this fight, that’s when the shooting took place.”

That suspect fired at least three shots, hitting the victim once. Police said the incident could be gang-related.

“I just started crying,” said another student who saw what happened. “It’s such a scary feeling.”

Police believe the two suspects are also students at Poly.

Students say they’ve seen fights at the school before, but nothing like this.

“It doesn’t feel right anymore,” one said. “It doesn’t feel like the school I used to know.”

The student who was stabbed and shot is expected to be OK.

Police praised the actions of the school resource officers, who were there within minutes of the shooting. The high school was briefly put on lockdown after the fight.