(CBS 11) – Brick is an American disco/jazz/funk/R&B band from Atlanta, Georgia.

The original members (all of whom shared vocals) from the 1970s were Jimmy Brown (sax), Reggie Hargis (guitar), Don Nevins (keyboards), Ray Ransom (bass) and Eddie Irons (drums).

The group has been active since 1972 even with personnel changes over the years.

The original members were actually from two different bands: one being disco and the other jazz. So they described themselves as a “disco-jazz” band when they “merged” together.

Their first single was “Music Magic,” released in 1976 before they signed with Bang Records. But their next hit was their most successful.

“Dazz” was released in July 1976 and went all the way to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B charts.

Written by the group and produced by Jim Healy, Johnny Duncan and Robert E. Lee, the song runs 3:23 as a radio edit ad 5:35 in the full version on the Bang Record label.