DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The owner of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters ​​is stepping in to save a 115-year-old home on the corner of West 10th Street and North Bishop Avenue from demolition. ​​

“I love historic architecture,” ​​Shannon Neffendorf said. “I love just the style of it, ​the revival front.”

115-year-old home on the corner of West 10th Street and North Bishop Avenue. (CBS 11)

Neffendorf said historic structures are what makes the neighborhood so special and as more of them are torn down to make way for high-dollar condos and businesses, he works to save what’s already here.

“My cafe, that was a restoration,” he said. “It’s two buildings. One is a 1920s and one is a 1940s.”
Two years ago he restored a nearby three-story apartment ​​building and turned it ​​into affordable housing for some of his employees.​​

When he learned a developer had plans to ​​tear down the two-story colonial revival off West 10th, he asked if he could save it.

“They’re delaying their plans to allow us to do this​ and so I’m grateful they’re giving us the chance to do this,” he said.

Next month, the home is expected to be on the move. It’s headed to ​the Oak Cliff Coffee ​Roasters campus, behind Davis Street Expresso. ​​

“They’re going to cut the top section off and then take the lower portion of the structure, ​hopefully all in one piece, and move that to the new site,” architect ​Alicia Quintans said.
“We’ll have a specified route that the truck will take.” ​

“With the size of it there’s a bit of challenge, but in the long run it’s been worth it,” Neffendorf said. “​There’s an aesthetic and there’s a feel and there’s something ​that people get out of the character of it that is a part of what we do.”

Neffendorf is getting this home for free, but will pay to relocate it. ​​The move alone is estimated to cost around $200,000. ​This whole process is estimated to take take about a month. ​

Erin Jones