COMBINE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — Small town pastors serve as so many things, and now Pastor Tim Brewer of Point View Baptist in Combine can add ‘life saver’ to the list.

Pastor Brewer donated his kidney to parishioner Patricia McDonell, whose kidney disease confined her to daily dialysis treatments for the past two years.

“At first, I didn’t want them to know,” McDonell said. “But, I know that prayer answers so many things.”

McDonell’s kidneys had failed, but her faith remained strong and she would soon learn that her prayer had been answered.

“On Wednesday night at prayer meeting, somebody said, ‘We need to pray for Patty to get an O positive kidney,'” she recalled. “And Tim said, ‘Well, she’s got a donor right here.'”

McDonell couldn’t believe her ears.

“My mouth fell open,” she said. “Everybody asked, ‘Did you know he was going to do that?'”

“I went home and certainly prayed about it,” Brewer said. “But the book of John 15:13 says that no greater love than one can have than this to lay down your life for a friend,’ I couldn’t get past that.”

He then added, “I can’t be a speaker of the word and not be a doer of it, so I had to respond.”

His wife April and their family gave their blessing as well.

“She’s been so sweet and kind to encourage me and that’s why I told her, ‘I need you more than you need me,’ So, we’re going to make this happen.”

The grueling dialysis ended with successful transplant surgery at Baylor University Medical Center earlier this week.

Tim Brewer and Patricia McDonell before and after surgery

“I feel awesome,” McDonell said. “I woke up feeling good. Everybody was telling me how much better I looked. I’m know I’m smiling more, because sometimes it was hard to put on a smile and get up and get dressed.”

McDonell said she’s indebted to Brewer the rest of her life. But he said he doesn’t expect a thank you.

“I expect you to be who you are. That alone says enough,” he said.

And as for the power of prayer, McDonell said to be a pest.

“He’s tired of all of these people praying to him three to four times a day to get me kidney,” McDonell said with a grateful laugh. “So, he went ahead and answered it so they would just leave him get some rest.”

Brewer has since been discharged and is already resting at home. McDonell should follow within a day or so.

“It’s all God working through Tim,” she said. “And we’re so thankful for him.”