(CBS 11) – Tommy Roe (born May 9, 1942 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American pop/rock/bubblegum singer/songwriter going back to 1958.

From 1962-1971, he charted eleven times on the Billboard Hot 100, with six of those in the top 10 and two #1 hits: “Sheila” in 1962 (his first one to chart) and “Dizzy” in 1969.

Today’s song being featured would be his last one to chart in the top 10.

American pop singer Tommy Roe, circa 1965. (Photo by Don Paulsen/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

“Jam Up Jelly Tight,” written by Roe and Freddy Weller, produced by Steve Barri, was released on the ABC Records label in November 1969 and got all the way to #8 in the U.S.

It reached #5 in Canada and Australia.

The title is actually a southern saying to describe things that were going well or to describe a pretty lady.

The song runs 2:23. Enjoy!