DALLAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — While we’re all trying to adjust to this new way of life, sometimes you have to think outside the box — and that’s exactly what the staff at J.L. Long Middle School did.

“What we were doing was trying to come up with ways to keep our kids involved in school,” said Principal Chandra Barnett.

They decided to do that by holding a virtual fire drill. They asked their students and staff to go outside, take their pictures and share them on social media.

Picture after picture came in featuring pets, bath robes and some shocked faces.

“To have a smile, to laugh, is great,” said Laashawn Guillory, an assistant principal. “At the end of the day we want them to know that we love them, we care for them, no matter where they are they have our hearts.”

Assistant Principal Louis Cardenas said whether they are at school or are remotely learning, their safety is still the priority

As for Principal Barnett, she says her students should remember their motto: #AllDayLong.