DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Price gouging continues to be a concern with basic necessities in high demand and in short supply.

North Texans have already filed 180 complaints on businesses to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

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For example:

Cans of soup for $20.

A small package of hand wipes for $102.

A bottle of DayQuil for $600.

Those are some of the unsubstantiated claims of gouging in DFW by well known retailers.

But small business owners say even being falsely accused of it can hurt their image.

From the smallest of stores to the largest retailer, Walmart.

The businesses named on the Texas Attorney General’s list of price gouging complaints grows by the day, but none of those CBS 11  checked could be verified.

Texas Governor, AG Issue Warning On Potential Price-Gouging Of Medical Supplies During Coronavirus Threat

A Mesquite convenience store was accused of selling a large package of bottled water for $25.

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But CBS 11 found the price to be $9.

A Garland supermarket was accused of gouging the price of rice which CBS 11 found to be in line with other similar grocers.

Social media posts accused a convenience store in Combine of gouging the price of toilet paper and bottled water.

The owner declined to speak on camera but told CBS 11.

His 96 roll packages of toilet paper for $59.99 amounts to a little more than 60 cents a roll.

He says his packages of bottled water might be slightly higher than Walmart, but insists that small businesses have to pay wholesalers more than big retailers and that he would lose money if he cut his prices.

The owner also told me the wholesale prices of water and toilet paper are going up.

The AG’s office has not reported any enforcement action yet since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anyone found guilty could face $10,000 fines for each infraction.

Texans who suspect a case of price-gouging in connection to the potential coronavirus threat can file a consumer complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.

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