CARROLLTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Ali and Michael Hoffman know how to light up a suburban kitchen.

The Carrollton father-daughter duo is lifting spirits around the world during this pandemic.

Their lip sync dance challenge has been viewed more than a million times.

Michael says there was no arm-twisting required.​

“It’s pretty much, Ali goes, ‘Dad, we’re going to do something silly’…and I went, ‘okay–let’s go!'”​

Michael and Ali Hoffman (CBS 11)

This isn’t the first time that one of their dance videos has gone viral.​

“We did a video five years ago,” shares Ali, a youth minister at a local church. “We were dancing in our kitchen during an ice day storm, and it went viral, so we were like, ‘we’re stuck at home again, so time to dance!’​

And do they ever. Fun, they say, is a part of the family DNA. And the dance moves were just a way to deliver a broader message.​

“Our reason to do this was to inject some light and levity into the world right now,” says Ali. “It can be consuming, the darkness can be consuming.”​

“That’s why we called it the challenge,” adds Michael, a motivational speaker by trade. “When it’s a little dark, that means we need to be brighter.”​

And while they didn’t necessarily expect such a worldwide response, both admit, it has been a fun surprise.​

“It’s a lot of been– Whaaat?” shares Ali with a laugh.​

“That’s been the funnest thing,” says Michael. “Love notes from all over the world… that’s been the biggest joy for me, anyway.”​

And speaking of love notes, Ali has received multiple marriage proposals, something she concedes with a laugh, while her dad jokingly warns that all offers still have to be vetted by family.​

Still, he says, “That they love the most is that I am for her, and she is for me, and Mom comes in and what you don’t see if that Ali whispers `just go for it’ and Mom rocks it!”​

“The world can be very dark right now,” warns Ali. “So be light and chose joy. You have more impact than you know.”​

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