DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A big sigh of relief for a Dallas business owner who was starting to worry he had been forgotten among those forced to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arcades have been shuttered for nearly three months in Texas while almost every other business has been allowed to reopen.

“It’s pretty sad having a place that brings joy for families and people to come into and they can’t enjoy it right now,” said Joel Malone, cofounder of Bishop Cidercade.

It’s been Game Over at that arcade since mid-march with dozens of video games and pinball machines powered off.

“At this point it’s kind of strange that we are still closed,” said Malone. “There are definitely things that are higher risk that are open right now.”

Bishop Cidercade (J.D. Miles – CBS 11)

Malone said he understood the need to close when he first pulled the plug on his games and closed the bar, but he says it’s been frustrating watching water parks and zoos welcome back customers before he can.

“It seems like the government has moved on right now for obvious reasons, from moving from COVID to worry about the riots and protesters,” said Malone.

Good news arrived Wednesday with word the state will allow Bishop Cidercade to reopen Thursday.  He said he hopes toy bring back some of the 30 furloughed employees.

The arcade will keep customers apart by leaving some machines off and Malone said he’ll work to keep joysticks and buttons germ-free.

At least we can have 50 people in here who could have a great time, forget about the troubles of the world have a great time with their family,” Malone said.