AUSTIN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Disturbed by the recent uptick of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Texas and calling the recent spread an “unacceptable rate,” Governor Greg Abbott urged Texans to follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask.

While not requiring it, he said Monday afternoon,”I know some people think wearing a mask is inconvenient or an infringement on freedom, but I also know it will keep Texas open.”

Gov. Abbott said if the positive test rate or hospitalization rates increases too much there, are strategies to reduce them without having to close down Texas economy.

Gov. Greg Abbott (CBS 11)

“Closing down Texas again will always be the last option,” he said. “When you go out, you should wear a face covering or face mask.”

Gov. Abbott said in the last four or five days, hospitalizations have averaged more than 3,200 per day in Texas. He said COVID-19 is spreading at “unacceptable rate” and must be stopped.

“We are surging testing in areas that may be hotspots. We are working with the CDC on this effort,” he said.

Gov. Abbott also said in reminding people to social distance, wash their hands often and wear masks, “COVID hasn’t suddenly gone away, but neither has our ability to slow the spread of it.”

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Gov. Abbott was asked during the news conference, why he doesn’t require everyone to wear masks in public.

He explained as he has before, there needs to be different rules throughout the vast geography of the state.

He said what may be needed in the city of Austin not the same as Austin County.

He said flexibility is necessary among 254 counties.

However, he didn’t rule out another state shutdown if things get a lot worse.

Abbot said if the state were to “experience another doubling of those numbers over the next month, that would mean we are in an urgent situation” where tougher measures would be required.

Gov. Abbott said Abbott said July 4th events, which are allowed under his order, are still up to local governments on whether or not to have them.

Several annual July 4th events in North Texas were cancelled in recent weeks due to COVID-19.

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  1. Jeff says:

    According to Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), those surgical masks and cloth masks do not work. Here’s the full-length article on the topic by two of our nation’s top exports in respiratory transmission, along with 35 research citations to support their conculsions.

      1. Jeff says:

        That article is incorrect.; The research article at CIDRAP has 52 separate research studies supporting, all referenced in the footnotes.
        The reason is that COVID-19 spreads primarily through air, not particles or surfaces. Specificall COVID-19 spreads through asymptomatic individuals via aerosols in the 0.5-2 micron size range. Surgical masks do not work on this size particle. It also allows air to pass around the sides. So they don’t work and 52 research papers found they don’t.

    1. mkav says:

      so what is your suggestion to try to stem the spread of the disease?

    2. Kel says:

      Any one with one ounce of brains knows you are right….and last time I checked Abbott was hiding when the riots and protests were crawling all over the state not practicing social distancing and spitting on our cops. Its time law abiding citizens rise up and tell Abbott to move on we can take care of ourselves. If someone wants to wear a mask great… but don’t tell me what to do… IF your wearing one then your safe from my germs so mind your own business.

  2. Johnny Kay says:

    More and more people are waking up to the fact that the coronavirus “pandemic” is a fraud — an invisible, all-purpose enemy to which the government can attribute any dangers it wants to frighten and control us.

    The international corporate elite that runs things behind the scenes has taken an illness no more dangerous than the common flu (and probably far less so) and turned it into an excuse for an enormous expansion of government power and an enormous redistribution of resources — literally, trillions of dollars — from the citizens to the corporate elite.

    The masks are part of this. Masks are a symbol of submission, of mindless obedience, a pledge of allegiance to the official narrative of the coronavirus “pandemic” promoted by the government and the corporate media — “See, I’m a good American! I’m not asking any questions! I’m doing what I’m told!”

    1. mkav says:

      WHERE do you get your information? deaths, hospitalizations and ICU events are all going up, especially in the states that were more aggressive in opening up.

      It is not a “narrative”…it’s an ongoing medical emergency that is getting worse because of ignorance.

      Okay, I’m done…now a serious question: what exactly would you do, if you could direct America’s reaction to the pandemic?

    2. kel says:

      Many many many doctors and nurses have come forward and exposed the lies. Stand tall and keep exposing the Hoax that it is,

  3. PJulie Nguyen says:

    I like you to come to my hospital and see all my patients on the
    ventilators and with an ER full of patients in COVID isolation and tell the patient’s families that are missing their loved ones that this is all a fraud.
    When all the doctors like me and the nurses quit, good luck when you get sick finding anyone to take care of you !
    Pulmonologist in Houston on the front line

    1. linda peters says:


  4. Bill E Carson says:

    Gov. Abbott , please mandate wearing mask in public. Cases are going at alarming rate and we see people standing next to each other and some people will come up to you while you are shopping and almost get in your face.We have been in HEB and wal mart and people were coughing and not wearing mask. So Please require people to wear mask state wide until we have a vaccine. Thank You very much Gov. Billy E Carson

  5. Peg says:

    Who the hell is this Bill Carson and what state is gov. of?

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