by Nicole Nielsen | CBS 11

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The start of summer in North Texas marks the start of snake season, and with the hot weather and recent rain, people are seeing more snakes than usual.

Randall Kennedy, Owner of Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control, says these sightings create more fear.

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“A lot of people think ‘kill the snake’ and that’s usually when people get bit… when they’re attacking it,” Kennedy said.

Rattlesnake removed from yard in West Fort Worth (CBS 11)

Last year, Texas had an increase in the number of venomous snake bites reported.

Experts at the Fort Worth Zoo told CBS 11 copperheads are often the culprit due to their sly nature.

“They are very secretive animals. Typically those guys kind of just sit still and blend in with the leaves around them. They are hoping people don’t see them, and are trying to avoid predation or being stepped on,” Diane Barber, the Curator of Ectotherms said.

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The most common snakes found in North Texas are copperheads, rattlesnakes and water moccasins.

They often hide in piles of leaves or near rocks and water. Kennedy says there are important steps that anyone who comes across a snake needs to follow.

“Step one, stay at a safe distance. Step two, get a photo of the snake. Text it in to DFW Wildlife Control for a positive identification. If it’s non venomous and you want the snake to leave you can use a water hose, and spray the snake away.”

Most importantly, get identification from a professional.

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“All snakes are beneficial, even the venomous ones. So really killing any snake does no good. It is better to let the non-venomous snake stay.”