BEXAR COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Residents in one Texas county received an emergency alert about COVID-19, urging them to stay home and avoid gatherings.

The alert was sent out to residents in Bexar County (San Antonio area) on Saturday as it reported a record-high 795 new cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing its total to 9,652.

The alert read: “STAY HOME. The COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly across Bexar County. Local hospitals are approaching capacity. Protect yourself and your family. Stay home except for essential activities, wear a face covering and avoid gathering with people outside your household. STAY SAFE.”

Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, sent out a tweet about the alert he received and blasted Gov. Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump on their response to the virus.

Texas has seen a surge in new cases recently during the reopening process. However, Abbott halted any further reopening phases earlier this week.

On Friday, Abbott issued an order that shut down bars for the second time during the pandemic. Restaurants were also ordered to go back to a 50% limited capacity, down from 75%.

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  1. bigtx says:

    Nobody is putting politics over public health castro . What a stupid thing to say !

    1. txbest says:

      bigtx Castro’s a fool.

    2. Russell Grossman says:

      Trump has made the pandemic all about himself from the very beginning. Even calling is a hoax at one point. Please please vote in November so we can have a read leader and a party that cares about people and not just power and money like Trump and the GOP..

      1. The hoax is that the virus is deadly and killing almost everyone. The death rate is .02%, and therefore is NOT DEADLY comparatively speaking. The seasonal flu is worse with a higher death rate but that doesn’t fit the liberal agenda of shutdowns to ruin the economy hoping that will damage Trump’s chance of reelection.

        This is from “The Mercury News” 6/22/2020:

        “The study found a person in a typical medium to large U.S. county who has a single random contact with another person has, on average, a 1 in 3,836 chance of being infected without social distancing, hand-washing or mask-wearing. If that sounds like a tolerable risk, consider the odds of being hospitalized. The study found a 50-to-64-year-old person who has a single random contact has, on average, a 1 in 852,000 chance of being hospitalized or a 1 in 19.1 million chance of dying based on rates as of the last week of May.”

        Democrats and other liberals along with their socialist/communist propagation arm, the mainstream media, are hyping this way beyond reason for political purposes.

        1.) The Russia hoax players are about to go down…. (Democrats)
        2.) Democrats are losing the peoples’ confidence and Blexit (blacks exiting the Democrat
        plantation) has Democrats worried.
        3.) Democrats have NO CANDIDATE for president except a crooked, creepy, demented old perv
        who doesn’t know what city he’s in.
        4.) Citizens are waking up to the FACT that DEMOCRATS ARE TRAITORS since they are not only
        allowing rioting and looting, but encouraging it.
        5.) HOAX: Wearing a mask will save you from Covid-19. Numerous experts have stated and
        there are online videos PROVING mask wearing is HARMFUL; NOT HELPFUL. Masks restrict
        oxygen content below safe levels according to OSHA. Not only that, you are breathing your
        own carbon dioxide and contaminating the mask with germs and bacteria the entire time
        you are using it and that will cause its own problems. Even fascist Fauci said “mask wearing
        is mostly symbolic.”

        PEOPLE, WAKE UP AND DO YOUR OWN THINKING AND RESEARCH. Once done, you will exit the Democrat Communist Atheist Party.

        DNC = Communist Party USA

      2. Angela Neill says:

        Someone said this is all about CONTROL. And It certainly is. If it wasn’t about control, the MSM and politicians would have told the truth as they learned it, instead of piling on lie after lie. THE ELDERLY AND CERTAIN OTHER SMALL SUBSET OF PERSONS ARE AT RISK – AND NOT NORMALLY YOUNG HEALTHY PERSONS.

        Research started Dec/Jan, long before the US was in crisis, when other countries first identified the virus. NIH and research data show this virus is often deadly for the elderly. It also explains EXACTLY WHO is at risk : people with hyerglycemia (UNCONTROLLED diabetes), the obese with UNCONTROLLED lipids (hypercholestremia), autoimmune disorders (increases chances for ARDS), hypertension (ACE-inhibitors commonly prescribed by doctors for HBP are seen in studies to increase by two- and three-fold the ACEII receptors sites in the lungs–(these are portals where the virus infiltrates), meaning more sites leaves the door wide open for the virus.

        So we could have sequestered the elderly and the Media could have told those at high risk who they are and that they should choose to confine themselves. This was never done. They are liars and using this to destroy politicians they don’t like. Trump tried to open this window and look what happened.

      3. Angela Neill says:

        For those of you who claim that Trump is killing people, I can promise that the lying Liberal- controlled Media is killing more. They studies on who is most vulnerable to this disease have been out since early this year. They can read scientific studies as well as I can (or can they?) and could have been informing people all along SPECIFICALLY what those risks are, in order to reduce the panic and fear of those who have PRACTICALLY NO RISK AT ALL.


  2. Can’t read the story because of that g*dd@mn video blocking a quarter of the screen. Jesus christ, that’s annoying.

    1. David Driver says:

      If it’s covering 1/2 your page, your zoom may be set too high. Lower your zoom to something closer to 100%

      1. Tom says:

        Coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the flu and 5 times more contagious. Many who are identified as “recovered” are left with permanent damage to their hearts. They will never be the same. Trump is a crackpot but you don’t have to be. Wear a mask and don’t go to rallies..

  3. ebt says:

    About 400 jobs lost for 1 COVID death. It’s not about politics; it’s about running a cost benefit analysis and working to find a balance between keeping people safe and having an economy to come back to once this has passed. People still have to feed their families no matter what health crises we’re facing be it COVID, SARS, H1N1 flu, etc.

    1. BF says:

      ebt, you are exactly right about cost:benefit analysis. But efforts to find treatment and a vaccine are ways to attempt to modify that ratio. Allowing required masking by local jurisdictions would also help with that. I don’t get why people who object to this on the grounds of restricting their constitutional rights don’t seem to be bothered by being required to wear clothes.

  4. Raoul says:

    So, a text is sent out on Saturday night, too late to affect the plans of the young Spreaders, but in time to discourage churchgoers. This is just part of the Leftist attack against America.

  5. kjatexas says:

    Castro is a radical, leftist, Democrat, whose only reason for commenting , is to denigrate Republican politicians, especially the President.

  6. Mike says:

    In an election year, everything Democrats do is about the election. It is scary they are so power hungry and evil that they would destroy the US economy to get Trump out.

  7. Indo says:

    San Antonio. I live here and this town is slowly sliding into the Portland model of liberalist political control. The people here are generally pretty good folks. Its mostly peaceful, but for the last several years the local government has become the nasty kind of liberal garbage. They stridently endeavor to scare the hell out of ignorant people who trust them, such as this Castro mangina.

  8. Ward says:

    Isn’t it strange that two weeks ago, we had people in the streets protesting and rioting and now we have a spike in COVID-19 infections? But according to the wannabe power broker Castro, the two aren’t related.

  9. crabjoe says:

    Does the tweet meaning change if you change “politics” to “jobs”?

    It might seem odd to some, but if the economy can’t stay afloat, no one will be able to stay home.. People need a source of income or you’ll die from starvation. The government can’t keep printing money and/or borrowing from the future of our children.

    Let’s play the numbers game.. even though it sux!

    You need 70%+ to have been infected for herd immunity to start working. At the current rate of infection of less than .001%, we’ll never get there because the virus will mutate.

    Based on what’s happening, unless everything is opened up so the majority of the population can catch it, what’s happening is the future.. economy keeps shrinking, we keep printing money and borrowing from our kids futures … eventually we’ll end up as a 3rd world country or worse.

    So unless someone comes up with a vaccine in a hurry, we need higher infection rates. If we suppress the infection rate, eventually we all die without a vaccine…

    BTW, why has the world become a world of sissies? Countries didn’t shut down like this when the Hong Kong flu or even Polio was around..

    1. Jim says:

      Personally, I think the whole Shelter in Place was a test to see if the politicians would see if we would comply. They will use this successful test case to imprison us when future crises happen……..I agree with people on here that we never did this before with any of the other pandemics as the per capita death rate is .02%; much less than the flu….

      This is all about control, down to the face masks. If it is not an N95 mask, it’s merely a comfort blanket placebo put forth by the “scientists” that it is a must have…the vast majority of people in this country, especially liberals, are such sheep… so easily manipulated and controlled.

  10. Quintin says:

    This “emergency alert” was soooo over the top, I hope it was the county’s (Wolff’s) jump the shark moment in this plague charade. All it did was terrify a bunch of people for no reason. We pulled in to our church parking lot this morning – empty. I’m sick of this B/S.

  11. bob johnson says:

    Cases are rising because government officials tell people to wear masks that do nothing; causing people to believe that they do because the government tells them so.

  12. Eleanor says:

    Julian Castro is a fool. Amazing how this virus magically disappeared for the entire month of June, when we had to endure all the protests and riots, then just as magically reappeared for the Trump rally and more importantly… trying to send people back to work to support their families. it’s time to help the people who work hard instead of appeasing the whiners with their hands out constantly.

  13. jakkik says:

    It’s more like this is what happens when Democrats and liberals run wild in the streets for a month protesting, not social distancing and not wearing masks. Everyone was in fear of telling them to go home, to social distance and to put on masks, for fear they would be called out as a racist.

  14. Daniel Lamonte says:

    Typical Texan republican fools. “Yeehaw so over the top no one dies from this” “yeehaw the flu is deadlier” (btw no, it isn’t) “yeehaw open everything up and lets double or triple the infections and implode the healthcare system” “yeehaw people can dine in restaurants but I can’t go to church to pray to a non-existent God.” Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama etc. should leave the union and become a separate nation. And then the rest of the (sensible) United States should build a wall to keep you out.

  15. Albert says:

    Vote DEMORAT and they will keep you ‘safe’….

  16. John Lobenstein says:

    Since it is the end of June 2020 shouldn’t it be the Corona-20.5 virus?

  17. WhyTheWokeSJWSignaling says:

    Wasn’t Mr. Castro preaching open borders back in January before he dropped out, and even campaigning INSIDE Mexico? If we had followed his “leadership”, Texas would have had a virus melt down weeks ago… right?

  18. Mark Dimperio says:

    I got a text today saying “I’m melting, I’m melting.” What should I do?

  19. Jim Jones says:

    Castro is the biggest Idiot in Texas.

  20. richard stout says:

    Republicans are AFRAID TO WEAR A MASK! They might be shot BY ONE OF THEIR IDIOT, GUN TOTING FRIENDS! If 40% of Republicans are hospitalized, will that make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?

  21. SUZANNE Henry says:

    Patrick went on Fox News on Monday evening to defend comments he made last month where he said he would rather die from the widely spreading coronavirus than see the economy destroyed for his children and grandchildren.
    How’s that working for you Dan? I will stick with that woman from Michigan

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