PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Plano City Council is set to vote at an emergency meeting Tuesday on a proposed mask ordinance.

It is very similar to the executive order requiring masks that McKinney announced Monday afternoon.

It’s not clear when Plano’s ordinance would begin if passed.

Under the proposed ordinance, businesses that provide goods and services directly to the public would have to develop and implement a “Health and Safety Policy” that would require face coverings and social distancing.

Here is a look at Plano’s proposed ordinance

  1. Stephen James Raynor says:

    Keeping our communities safe is the responsibility of all of our leaders whether elected or appointed. This is a responsibility that can not be delegated.
    There is a reason Harry S. Truman is ranked as the fifth best President of America. The buck stops at the top. Yes his ranking surprised me too.
    However I am not surprised that Plano officials took so dad gum long to mask up. Mask and test and surveillance is critical to fighting this “enemy.”
    I have for over a year brought food to a senior citizens center in Plano. Those folks are very elderly and most would be at risk. Almost none of them are overweight. But most seem to be in their 80’s. There are memory care, ALF, nursing homes employing thousands of workers and caring for many many hundreds of severely at risk grandparents of voters across the city.
    Our schools are fixing to open in less than 2 months and regrettably our schools are not ready. There has been zero mention of exactly PISD plans to protect our children who must return in class to critically learn executive functions which my $10,000 in property taxes pays for. Or that is what I thought.
    I know our leadership can do better. Why are our leaders followers? Sheep waiting to be shorn at the voting booth, or publicly shamed if the virus mutates and becomes more deadly again?

    Governor Abbott had done a reasonable job. His Education Commissioner Morath has done a terrible disservice to the children of Plano and the rest of our State.

    We are not keeping our families in Plano and surrounding communities where we interact SAFE.
    I visited a restaurant that borders Collin and Dallas Counties. The servers were all wearing masks. None of the patrons were wearing masks, even the folks starring at menus, which did not appear to be the throwaway kind. No social distancing.

    Plano and Richardson and Allen have probably 10% of households of three generations. Grandparents, parents and school aged children. We are FAILING at protecting them!

    As a trained Economist, I am laser focused on our economy. How we can keep America great.
    Our leaders are FAILING at that too.

    MASKING UP is the first step toward getting everyone working again. Recreating work environments should put more people back to work, not less through advanced distancing techniques. Demand is pent up. Let’s unleash it responsibly.

    TESTING ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL KIDS is our second step. The “experts” do not know why some people are SUPER SPREADERS and others are not. We do know we are in a SECOND WAVE because now the VIRUS targets very young adults, probably the college age brothers and sisters of PISD students.

    SURVEILLANCE is our third step. I have been alarmed when talking face to face from 2 feet away with half dozen police officers, and none of them wear masks or socially distance themselves from infecting the public. Ten Detectives locally are POSITIVE.
    Ever hear of Protect and Serve? Not if they are spreading the VIRUS.

    One out of a thousand of our citizens is effectively murdered by the VIRUS. Why is that?

    And what can be done to stop the MURDER OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS?


    Last time I checked, the CDC insists that everyone either stay at home, or mask up if interacting with anyone because of asymptomatic carriers. Typhoid Mary who an asymoptomatic disease carrying amoral woman, single-handedly caused the creation of the New York City Health Department because she caused the death of over a dozen people, killing off two attorneys in the process, as their cook. Mary was amoral because she was told after testing that she killed over a dozen people but was released and not imprisoned upon her promise never to cook for anyone else ever again. Mary later went back to cooking for families and killed more children and was imprisoned for life to protect the public.

    Perhaps we need to imprison each and every Super Spreader we find. Or perhaps the better way is simply to have everyone wear a Mask, which would stop super spreading in its tracks.

    Because currently we have nation wide over 1000 Super Spreaders. Like fighting a Cold War and we do not know who the double agents are – unless we TEST for them. And they may not know who they are.

    I want to protect my life, protect my child at school, protect his grand parents who live with him.

    We are all in this together.

    Steve R.

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