FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – From the backyard to the pool or the lake, whatever your Fourth of July tradition, caution is key.

“We can have fun, just don’t let your guard down,” said Dr. Minh Nghi with Texas Health Fort Worth. Dr. Nghi said the goal is to reduce your exposure, but understand that whenever you’re around people there’s always a risk.

“The most important thing to consider is frequent hand washing, and physical distancing,” the doctor said. “I know everyone talks about social distancing, but really we’re trying to be social, but physically apart.” Dr. Nghi also said to be mindful of who you’re gathering with.

“If you, say, pick a pod of people that are known to be well, and you know have been safe and practicing good hygiene, you can be relatively safe together,” he said. “Just don’t go from house to house, party to party.”

When it comes to places like the pool or lake, Dr. Nghi said the water isn’t concerning, but horseplay is. He said to make sure the kiddos are distancing. If you’re driving out of town, fleeting contact with people isn’t as dangerous as prolonged exposure.

“So if you’re going into the gas station or going into the store, putting on your mask and sanitizing your hands is probably all you need to do.”

Dr. Nghi said, while it may be uncomfortable in the Texas heat, wearing a mask is still one of the best ways to reduce transmission.

“I treat Covid-19 patients, they breathe on me,” he said. “As long as I use my gear I’m fine, and I have been fine, I tested myself.”