DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Quarantine weary Texans are ready to hit the road this July 4th holiday.

that’s in spite of summer travel estimates that are at their lowest level in more than a decade, according to AAA.

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“Most families are going to travel by car for the simple fact that they have more control over that social distancing aspect by doing so on the road,” says Daniel Armbruster, a AAA Texas spokesperson.​

Not surprisingly, air travel taking the biggest hit, down roughly 77% over a year ago.

Although down almost 4%, millions still planning to hit the road this summer, especially heading into the July 4th weekend.​

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“Those who choose to travel are doing so, hopefully cautiously, hopefully planning ahead, looking ahead, and taking the CDC recommendations in mind when you are stopping at gas stations or restaurants,” says Armbruster.​

Industry experts say short distance, spur of the moment trips now are the norm, made easier by gas prices that are typically hovering at less than $2 a gallon.

That’s the lowest average in some 16 years. And that’s good news for families looking to get away, but still stay safe. ​

“We are actually going camping,” says Mario Ortiz, while stocking the family’s 28-foot trailer. “We try to take everything with us, so we don’t have to worry about anything, or get around anybody.”​

Ortiz says he knows first hand that the coronavirus threat is real. ​

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“We have had family members that have got it, we’ve had friends that have got it,” says Ortiz. “But, as far as us, thank God, we haven’t. We’ve really been sticking to ourselves. Camping right now is probably the best thing, because you’re actually by yourself…you’re not around anybody more just your family or who you went there with.”​

Regardless of how you travel, or when, experts say it’s important to plan ahead.​

“You don’t know if your favorite restaurant is open. You don’t know what’s open,” says Armbruster. “Go on websites and do your research.”

Other tips from AAA:​

*Even if visiting theme parks or public venues, call ahead to understand capacity limits.​

*Make reservations in advance, if possible​

*Bring plenty of face coverings, gloves, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and a thermometer​

*Pack extra snacks to limit stops, since even open restaurants may be operating at limited capacity​

And it never hurts, to have a Plan B.​

“My family has plans to go to the coast, Port Aransas, in a few weeks,” says Armbruster. “Will that happen? We will have to wait and see. A lot of families, their plans are up in the air. Those short, quick getaways. That’s what we are seeing right now.”​

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“Everybody be safe and go camping,” says Ortiz.​