DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s an old adage that says, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

A group of Texas doctors have created a guide to help people measure the risk of COVID-19 from nearly 40 daily activities.

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The Texas Medical Association put together a guide to help people navigate the pandemic with a 1-9 scale that measures the risk from low to high.

A trip to the gym, 8.

Shopping at a mall, 5.

Pumping gas, 2.

“I’m comfortable with the risk scale from one to four, but five and above may not suit me,” said Dallas County Medical Society President Dr. Mark Casanova.

He said  the guide focused on 37 activities covering everything from hugs and handshakes to attending stadium-sized events.

They are ranked as a guide to help people decide which ones elevate the danger of contracting COVID-19.

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The lowest risk on the 1-9 scale comes from opening mail which some people worry will carry the virus.

The highest risk according to the study is associated with stadium events, mega churches and going to bars which the state has now closed.

Grocery shopping, restaurant take out and activities like jogging, golf and tennis are all considered low risk.

But hair salons, dine in restaurants, air travel, fitness centers and even hugs or handshakes are ranked as moderately high risk or above.

Engaging in contact sports and visiting a movie theater are also identified as a lot less safe than sitting in a doctors waiting room or swimming in a public pool.

“So I do think that the public has needed and frankly deserves a little bit more directed guidance, and we’ve done our best as we gain new understanding, as we get clarity on the transmission of this virus, its activity and its interaction with us in the community, and how we live our lives,” said Dr. Casanaova.

Sending kids to school or day care is right in the middle of the scale and considered a moderate risk.

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Fourteen Texas doctors of different specialities came up with this guide.