By Brooke Katz

(CBSDFW.COM) – From doctors and nurses to teachers and parents, we’ve heard from a lot of adults about the upcoming school year, but what about kids? We spoke with kids of all ages to find out how they are feeling.

“It’s a little bit scary, but at the same time it’s kind of normal for us now because it’s been going on for months,” said 12-year-old Valerie.

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“I think it’s kind of on my mind,” said 15-year-old Kenya. “It’s just like every time you go somewhere it’s masks, masks, masks, masks.”

“It’s a little bit intimidating, but I know we’re all just trying to keep each other safe, so that’s all I think about,” said 12-year-old Davis.

When we asked them how they feel about going back to class, many of them said they feel conflicted.

“I struggle with the back and forth because I don’t want to get Covid, but I miss my friends and I miss sitting down in a classroom,” Valerie said.

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“I like that we can stay home and stay safe, but I don’t like that we don’t get to interact with our teachers, and our friends,” Davis said.

When asked what they wish the schools or parents would take into consideration, 14-year-old Adam had this to say: “Safety has to come first all the time.”

For a generation raised with electronics in hand, the kids all said they miss in-person and face-to-face interaction.

As for if they want to go back to the classroom: “I want to go back to school definitely,” said Davis.

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“I would be worried too because most of the people, they’re not going to follow the rules, we already know that,” said Kenya.