By Madison Sawyer

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – With many parents still uncertain about the upcoming school year, one local mom is helping families explore the option of homeschooling.

Lindsay York and her husband both work from home and homeschool their three children. Something they have been doing for the past eight years.

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“With all five of us being in the house together, we have to be very intentional about who is doing what and when and what that schedule looks like,” York says.

She says both the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the confusion surrounding the school has created frustration among parents.

“I think the parents that can homeschool are more attracted to it now because it cuts down on the confusion and uncertainty of what the school year will look like,” York says.

She started noticing a need for guidance and expertise in homeschooling and seized a business opportunity, creating the Joyful Homeschool Bootcamp.

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“For a lot of families, the frustration comes when you start saying, ‘what will (homeschool) look like?’ So that’s what I do with bootcamp. I breakdown and walk through with you what should happen, how long it will take, and how to arrange things so you know exactly what to expect with each day,” York says.

One of the biggest changes with homeschooling York says is knowing the learning time will be shorter than a normal school day.

“I tell people it should take 30 min per grade year,” York says.

“Younger kids just don’t need a lot. In schools, there is so much that happens with changing classrooms and waiting in lines, but in the home you can cut that all out and get it all done much quicker.”

In addition to the time commitment her homeschooling bootcamps also discuss the legal aspects, the costs and how to combat pushback and create buy-in for your children.

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“We talk strategies to make it easier to break that so (your children) don’t sit there saying, ‘your not my teacher and I don’t want to learn from you.'”

Madison Sawyer