DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall turned in her letter of resignation on Tuesday. Now, residents are reacting to her decision to step down after three years.

Hall admitted her time in Dallas has been tough. But although she faced criticism through the three years, not everyone is happy to see her go.

“When you have a lady that’s trying to do… she did a wonderful job and takes full responsibility… you know, I tell you I was saddened by it to tell you the truth,” resident Chris Huff said.

In response to her resignation latter, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said he understands a burden and distinction of leading the department.

Some residents believe her three years were marred by the spike in violent crime in 2019 and her recent response to the social justice protests over the summer. Others believe the chief took on the job at a challenging time and that it would be tough for anyone.

“It’s a lot going on. And it’s a lot for anyone to handle… being a police chief, that’s what you encounter being a police chief… you just have to implement things to stop those things. It’s just gonna take some time and the right person with the right vision to get it together,” resident Fred Dotie said.

Hall agreed to a request by the city manager to stay with the department until the end of the year.

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  1. 1 Teach says:

    Blame your violent citizens not the Chief.

  2. Shawn....not dot com. says:

    I call total bs on this whole thing. The entire time she was there, the Hispanic unions in her department were discrediting what she was doing. Then all of a sudden, black people start having movements, she resigned and now the Hispanic unions say they want to see a Hispanic chief because seemingly, they are taking advantage of the fact that a woman, that was black, was the chief. Although historic, it was a weak moment! Hold up, on the downside, a lot of the crimes committed, I’m talking about murders, involved Hispanics and because she couldn’t stop Hispanics from being murdered, the Hispanics want her gone. They kept putting pressure on her through complaints, about her ability to handle or not handle the crime in the city. Then she makes the mistake of putting more patrol officers in neighborhoods where it wasn’t really needed. Bad call, okay. When the protests happens,💩 went ape💩, and she owned that by grading herself a C-. She owned it gracefully. Once again the Hispanics in her department decide to speak up and say she did a poor job. So, was this all a plot to get a Hispanic in office because people are screaming BLM. Something is fishy. If I can’t recollect, not one Hispanic applied to be the chief, before she claimed the throne, but now it’s all about Hispanics. Naw we need a chief that is going to be fair and equipped and Hispanics are typically about their race and their race only. The new chief needs to be balanced and a great fit and for Hispanics to say they want a Hispanic chief instead of a fair and balanced chief, no matter what color, it sounds like bs to me. Total bs, and all who don’t see it, well I’ll leave well enough alone.

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