Reward Increased To $50K In Dallas Security Guard Murder

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Why did they have to take his life?

It’s a question the fiancée of slain ATM security guard Jose Montes wants answered.

The 28-year-old was fatally shot outside a Neighborhood Credit Union Monday morning on Cockrell Hill Rd. He had just celebrated his 28th birthday and the birth of his first child, a son just five months ago.

Jose Montes holds his first born son. There is a reward for information leading to his killer. Contact the Dallas Police Department if you know something. (courtesy: Facebook)

“He kissed us goodbye and said he loves us… and would be home soon,” said Montes’ fiancée Amara Voth.

She was planning for their long life together; instead she’s making funeral arrangements. Family will gather to pay respects, instead of celebrating a marriage.

Amara Voth and victim Jose Montes hold their 5-month-old son. (courtesy: Facebook)

“They took him away from me,” said Jose’s mother Maria. “Whoever did this to him — please you don’t know what you’ve done to us. The pain that we have right now. I don’t want anybody to go through this. I just want someone to let us know who did this to my son?”

Montes’ killer was wearing a black jacket with the word “police” written on the back. Witnesses said he then took some duffle bags from the armored vehicle. Police examined the van for fingerprints but it’s unclear what leads they have gathered. The killer then fled the scene in a white Volkswagen Passat driven by a woman.

“Sounds desperate and it’s a shame. Any crime where you have to shoot anybody is sad,” said Sgt. Warren Mitchell a spokesman for the Dallas Police Department. “Our heart goes out to the family of the security officer. We are definitely gonna keep him in our prayers and we ask that you all do the same.”

Do you recognize this suspect vehicle (a white Volkswagen Passat)? (credit: Dallas PD)

A second armed security officer was present but was not injured.

The Dallas Police Department said the FBI has joined their search for the gunman and his accomplice.

Dallas Police are asking that anyone with information regarding this shooting contact Detective McDaniel #8890 with the Dallas Police Department Special Investigations Unit or Please reference case #163605-2020.


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  1. Bee says:

    Does the car have paper plates? If so, Dallas should try and get the paper plate epidemic under control. The amount of fake, anonymous vehicles driving around Dallas w/o insurance and fake plates is ridiculous. The last few horrid crimes they have mentioned the vehicles have paper plates and I can drive around for 10 minutes in Dallas and see over a dozen myself. Get it under control DPD and do your job. They cut the funding to the “special taskforce” that enforced the fake plate issue in Dallas, but it shouldnt take a special taskforce to see cars with fake plates.Very sorry this happened to this family and hope they catch these people. I also hope DPD starts enforcing existing laws so criminals cant run around as they wish so freely.

    1. Lee says:

      I totally agree with Bee. There are plenty of paper plates in the Irving area as well.

  2. Trixi says:

    Did the other guard with him not see the robber? No description ?

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