DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Fried food is the focus this weekend at Fair Park for the first ever Big Tex Fair Food Drive-Thru.

Tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday, while Saturday is sold out.

State Fair of Texas staff said they’ve been preparing for the event all summer.

“I am excited that despite COVID-19, we are still able to open the Big Tex Fair Food Drive Thru this year, and allow people to drive-thru in a safe environment and get some of their favorite, iconic state fair treats,” said Karissa Condoianis of the State Fair.

After last weekend’s photo drive-thru, staff said they’ve perfected the route and are expecting about 300 cars each hour.

Though untraditional, the experience will still be filled with the State Fair traditions like fried food and Big Tex.

“You’ll see a lot of different elements from the state fair that we have brought into the event,” Condoianis said.

On top of the State Fair staples like Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, specialty booths have been set up where customers can add on extras, like Sweet Connies Corn on the Cob.

Owner Robin Hotchkiss says she is so excited to get cooking.

“This is a Texas tradition! You go anywhere else and they just want butter salt and pepper, but not in Texas,” she said.

Also new to the route this week is live music, the auto show and a Midway game. State Fair staff said they just hope the experience brings some excitement back to 2020.

“People are excited, it’s something to do to get out of the house, and they know they’ll be in a safe environment,” Condoianis said.

Nicole Nielsen