(CBSDFW.COM)- Cowboys fans take pride in rooting for their team and lamenting any calls or plays that don’t go their way. Every fan base does this to some extent. But, according to a new survey, Cowboys fans complain the most.

Mibets.com conducted a survey of 5,000 NFL fans from across the country asking fans which fan base were the worst complainers. The Cowboys topped the list followed by the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL Fan Bases Worst Complainers

Credit: Mibets.com

The most annoying habit that Cowboys fans have according to the other fan bases? Using a “victim mentality”. In other words, fans in the survey believe that Cowboys fans complain too much that the league, the officials, etc are out to get them.

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In fairness to the fans, they have certainly had things to complain about when it comes to the team’s defense this season. After Monday night’s loss the team is on pace to shatter the NFL record for most points given up in a season.

On the plus side for Cowboys fans, they did beat out the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles fans for the top spot on the list.