DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As North Texans head to the polls in droves, the Dallas FBI said it is working nonstop to make sure the process is free and fair.

“We’ve been doing elections for more than two centuries and the information environment that we’re operating in right now clearly is challenging,” FBI Dallas Special Agent In Charge Matt DeSarno said. “Our primary goal is to ensure the integrity of this entire process.”

Across the world, election disinformation and misinformation is being spread, especially on the internet, to try and sway voters or keep them away from the polls.

For months, the Dallas FBI has been working with local election officials and law enforcement to prevent voter fraud and cyber attacks on voting systems.

DeSarno said a new cyber strategy makes it more difficult for criminals and foreign governments to achieve their goals.

Heading into Election Day, he said he’s feeling good.

FBI Dallas Special Agent In Charge Matt DeSarno (CBS 11)

“I’m confident that the votes will counted accurately,” he said. “I’m confident in our process. In our system.”

To the public, he said it’s important to verify election-related information with multiple reliable sources before sharing and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

“Avoid becoming an unwilling participant in a misinformation campaign,” he said.

DeSarno also stresses this year, election results could take time.

Currently, there are no post-election-related threats, but he said his office is ready to act if need be.

“Any suspicious activity, any threatening communication or information about candidates or polling places, please report to the authorities,” he said.



Erin Jones