HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Authorities in Texas have busted a major theft ring.

They discovered $1 million dollars worth of stolen merchandise in a five-bedroom home.

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“The house is totally transformed, almost into a warehouse,” said Harris County Constable Ted Heap.

Behind the doors of the two story, 2700 square foot house in Katy’s Nottingham neighborhood, there’s no furniture, but plenty of boxes.

“There appears to be one bedroom that was used for sleeping. The other four bedrooms, including bathrooms and everything else is stuffed full of merchandise,” said Heap.

The home was full of power tools, tool sets, and other household goods believed stolen mostly from Home Depot stores in Colorado by others and then driven by trailer every other week to Texas.

But this last trip, Precinct 5 Deputy Constables, DPS and Home Depot investigators were watching the latest shipment.

The homeowner and the driver were taken were arrested Thursday, October 29.

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“They would take the merchandise and they would just walk out with it. They would get this stuff and bring it down here and this individual would boost it and they would end up fencing it online, a lot of it is online sales,” said Heap.

Their efforts potentially yielded millions of dollars in sales during the last two years. The operation was so sophisticated, Heap said, the homeowner modified his house, adding an elevator system to make storage easier.

Goods Stolen From Home Depot (Credit: Newspath/CBS)

“Even a makeshift elevator system to be able to bring material form the bottom to the upstairs so they wouldn’t have to walk up the stairs,” described Heap.

Officers spent the day loading up their own trucks and trailers seizing the stolen merchandise as neighbors watched in awe.

“That’s shocking. I would have never guessed that was happening in our neighborhood.”


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