By Brooke Rogers

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Long lines are a hallmark of Election Day, and, even though more than 57% of registered voters have voted in Texas, Tuesday may not be any different.

“I think we’re going to see lines tomorrow.” said William Busby of the Dallas County Republican Party. “I think that people are excited on both sides and even in the middle to go cast their ballot, and I think we’re going to see people turn out.”

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That’s how Dallas and Collin Counties have prepared.

“We increased polling places by 40% for Election Day to make sure we had plenty,” said Bruce Sherbet, Collin County Elections Administrator.

Before you go to your polling location tomorrow, you might want to check your phone or computer. Many North Texas counties will be showing wait times at every site, even color-coding the locations with green, yellow or red.

“If it’s green, you’ll be in and out in 20 minutes,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. “If it’s yellow, it will take up to an hour. If it’s red, it will take over an hour.”

Local leaders encourage mask-wearing, even though it’s not legally required inside a polling place, and social distancing. They’re also asking for patience – both at the polls and after. That’s why the chairs of the Dallas County Democratic and Republican Parties issued a joint statement Monday.

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With ‘Passions Running High’ Dallas County Political Party Leaders Make Bi-Partisan Statement On Election

In part, it asks voters to “take a deep breath and stay patient and calm while election officials count all votes.” It also says, “Let us all do our part to keep our community strong and together, looking for the common bonds among neighbors, despite our political differences. Dallas will be the better for it.”

“We understand that this election on both sides of the aisle is very important to both sides, and, at the end of the day, we’re going to be neighbors on November the 4th,” said Busby.

“There is much more that brings us together in this community and this country than divides,” said Jenkins.



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