The crush of the coronavirus surge in El Paso has the city sending its non-COVID-19 cases to hospitals elsewhere in the state. Texas County Sends Emergency Text Alert To 4.7M Residents Requesting They Cancel Holiday Gatherings During COVID-19 Surge – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Officials in Harris County, where Houston is located, appealed to the public to forego gatherings with anyone beyond their own immediate households during the holiday season in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Nov 17, Harris County sent out an emergency text alert to all 4.7 million of its residents asking them to cancel their holiday gatherings and to get tested.

“This is not the year… to have a great holiday gathering, a great outing at the bar, restaurant. It’s just not the time,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, the county’s top elected official.

Statewide, 7,165 new coronavirus cases Tuesday raised to 1,066,918 the number reported since the pandemic first struck Texas in early March, according to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Thirty-seven new COVID-19 deaths also were reported as the outbreak nears the mid-July peak.

At a news conference, Hidalgo warned that the number of COVID-19 cases and related hospitalizations locally is increasing. She said she feared the trends resembled what the area saw right before June and July when the county saw a large spike in cases that filled up hospitals.

Hidalgo said that since late September, the number of average new daily cases in Harris County has increased by 250%. In this same time period, the positivity rate has increased 30 percent and is now at 8.2%.

Hidalgo, who has been critical of the state’s handling of the pandemic and its limits on local jurisdictions’ ability to implement rules during the crisis, said residents should be asking more of all levels of government.

“That’s why we need the state to step in and lead or get out of the way and let us lead,” she said.

“I am concerned by what’s happening in El Paso and seeing that they’ve got no recourse, that they’re having to pull up those mobile morgues, that hospitals are overwhelmed, stories of tragedy,” Hidalgo said. “I don’t want that to happen here and that’s why we’re having this conversation to try and avoid that fate.”

Texas Sending Record Help To Hospitals To Relieve Overworked Staff: ‘We’re In Trouble’

Meantime, the crush of the coronavirus surge in El Paso has the city sending its non-COVID-19 cases to hospitals elsewhere in the state, officials said Tuesday, Nov. 17.

El Paso confirmed 994 new COVID-19 cases and 13 new deaths Tuesday, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler confirmed that Austin-area hospitals are receiving non-coronavirus patients from overwhelmed hospitals in the border city.

In a Facebook Live update on Monday night, Adler said that El Paso was in a “world of hurt” and that numbers in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston were “scarier than ours, and our numbers are scary enough by themselves.”

El Paso’s health care systems became overwhelmed even after the state sent additional medical resources, Adler said. He added that he was concerned that if Dallas, Houston and San Antonio hospitals also required help, Austin’s resources would have little to no capacity to treat its own cases if its COVID-19 numbers reached a similar level.

“We have patients in our hospitals right now that don’t have the virus but needed hospitalizations, and they are here from El Paso because there was no room,” Adler said.

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  1. Jose says:

    Yep…it was those dumb fu^%ck* rabid dems who think they have the legal right to tell people what to do. F^&u&ck them all!!!!

  2. jose says:

    It’s a flu, a bad one but a flu…..get over it. Life goes on for 99.999%.. Stop all this horse sh^^it of telling people what to do. Leave people alone!!!!!

    Riddle me this: why is it not enough for a dem to not want to do something (in this case to not want to gather with other people) and instead, they also want to force their beliefs on everyone else????? They do it with guns. They do it with abortion. They do it with everything!!!!

    1. xshiva says:

      Riddle me this, why do you pick the name”Jose” when it’s obvious you’re a dumb f**cking trailer park white trash loser, dīckless píssant?

  3. I would be more willing to “LOCK DOWN” if I thought it would work. But many “experts” have said isolation is not the best answer. Empirically, we started with a two week lock down, followed by a second and then constant reminders to isolate and wear mask. In the mean time, again experts tell us they aren’t certain how the virus is being spread – is it by contact, is it by air, is it by another means.

    So until EXPERTS can decide with their fancy SCIENCE just how the virus is actually spread, it seems we are taking a shotgun approach of trying to mediate the spread – all to the detriment of our food and goods production systems.

    I know it’s a learning curve, I know we have a vaccine on the way, but staying locked up for another year is a very difficult pill to swallow with no guarantees.

  4. David says:

    “Hidalgo… said residents should be asking more of all levels of government.”
    “That’s why we need the state to step in and lead or get out of the way and let us lead,” she said.

    What a disgusting opinion to hold. Why in the ever living HELL should people be asking more of such a corrupt and immoral entity? One that steals your property without your consent and threatens to lock you in a cage if you dare fight back or defy them. An entity that believe it has the right to make medical decisions for you without your consent…. This judge is a disgrace. The government is NOT your friend and never will be.

    The moment you accept the premise that government can make medical decisions for you, then you must also accept that the government owns your body.

    I’m not a slave. Neither are you. Wake up. Take back your rights and liberties and give the government the mother f*cking middle finger it rightfully deserves.

  5. McFriedman says:

    Recall fascist Lina Hidalgo

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