By Staff

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas GOP Representative Troy Nehls says he’s proud to have stood should-to-shoulder with Capitol police as they protected the House chamber from Pro-Trump protestors turned angry mob this week.

He tweeted: “I was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Capitol police barricading entrance to our sacred House chamber, while trying to calm the situation talking to protestors. What I’m witnessing is a disgrace. We’re better than this. Violence is NEVER the answer. Law and order!”


The former Fort Bend County Sheriff told CBS 11 News that his instincts were trying to de-escalate the situation.

Rep. Nehls had some choice words for one of the rioters, saying, “I looked him in the eye and I told him ‘you should be ashamed of yourself with what you’re doing here.”

The newly-elected congressman was wearing a State of Texas mask at the time of the mayhem. A rioter commented, “You’re from the State of Texas? You should be with us!”

Nehls said he replied, saying, “Listen… what you are doing right now I cannot support and I cannot agree with in any form or fashion.”

After Congress resumed the session, he voted to throw out the electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania.