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(CBSDFW.COM) – Frigid temperatures have made their way to North Texas, and AAA has advice on how to keep your vehicle and its battery in working order as they can be heavily affected by cold weather.

According to AAA, your vehicle’s battery can lose about a third of its power during freezing weather due to having to use more power when starting the engine. The cold air thickens the oil in the vehicle.

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AAA recommends to have your battery and charging system checked for optimum performance especially if its three years old. Cleaning any corrosion and wiping away dirt and oil deposits can help as well.

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Below are more tips from AAA to avoid any issues when you start your vehicle in the bitter mornings:

  1. Park your car in a garage whenever possible. The less frigid the air is around your car, the better for your battery. If you live in an area with temperatures frequently below freezing, consider buying an engine heater to reduce the power the battery needs to start your car.
  2. Turn off your lights, wipers and heater before you turn off your engine at the end of a drive to prevent an unnecessary drain on the battery the next time you start your car.
  3. Unplug phone chargers and USB cables for electronic devices as soon as you turn off your engine (for the same reason as #2).
  4. Avoid using your car’s heater longer than you need to; the heater puts extra strain on your battery.
  5. If you see corrosion on your battery, clean it or have it cleaned by a trained technician.
  6. If you consistently go two weeks or longer without using your car during the winter, invest in a battery tender to keep the battery charged.
  7. If you plan on not using your car for an extended period of time during snow season, it is important to turn it on every 6-12 hours and let it run idle for 15-20 minutes so that it reaches operating temperatures. This provides current to the battery, allowing it to regain its charge.
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AAA also has a winter care checklist for more information on other maintenance such tires. Staff