By Brooke Katz

SUNNYVALE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Music has always been a part of the Kassab sisters’ lives. They each play multiple instruments and write their own music.

“We sing and write a bunch of songs about loneliness and overcoming that, and the feeling of encouragement and loving yourself,” said oldest sister Kaylen. “That’s what our K three motto is about.”

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The motto: “I will always believe in myself and celebrate my life and the lives of others. I will respect the music and customs of others as long as they are not harmful to anyone. I will stand against bullying of any kind and choose love over hate.”

It’s that motto and commitment that’s pushing them into the national spotlight. Their YouTube Channel now has nearly 40,000 subscribers. On TikTok they have nearly 2 million.

One of their songs is even featured by the Smithsonian for an exhibit called “Girlhood, It’s Complicated.”

“I look back to the 60s and 70s, The Beatles, Neil Young, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan,” said Kristen. “They just packed so much lyrical power into their songs, and that’s what we do as well. These are not empty melodies.”

In the age of the pandemic, they’ve connected to fans through social media. Instead of playing venues, they livestream concerts in a studio inside their own home.

On TikTok they’re known for their videos themed around their favorite franchise, Harry Potter.

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Each of them brings a unique strength.

“I’m the person that is running the tech and sound system mainly,” said Kelsey. “Then Kristen is obviously our front man, the high kicker.” Kelsey and Kristen agreed that Kaylen is the leader.

While you can find their music on their website, you won’t find it on the more mainstream sources.

“We’ve decided to take the reins of our own destiny,” Kristen said. “We’re literally paving a brand new path around quote unquote ‘the machine,’ and so we’re excited to see what this road is going.”

For their parents, the sisters’ success is a source of pride. They’re most proud of the fact that for the girls, it’s about so much more than music.

“People see that we’re not just some girls who smile and have cotton in the brain,” Kristen said. “We have something to say, and that’s why people are listening.”

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To check out their music, head to their website.