FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A year ago, Ted Emrich’s spring travel schedule was full.

Emrich who does play-by-play for just about any sports that will have him, was scheduled to broadcast conference tournaments, followed by the NCAA Tournament and The Masters.

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The pandemic changed all of those plans.

“It was bizarre.” Emrich admitted, “All of a sudden, they disappear.”

When live events reappeared, Emrich was back to work, but not back in the arena.

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Emrich calls most events from his home.

Ted Emrich (CBS 11)

While the effort has been almost seamless, Emrich admits that there have been bumps. Like the time his 4-year-old daughter walked into his broadcast at home area while he was rehearsing with the crew.

And there are two luxuries of working from home that Emrich admits are better than being on the road.

“Number one, pants are optional,” Emrich says with a laugh, “and number two the pregame meal is better than just about any arena you would come across in the country.”

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As good as the home cooking has been, Emrich can’t wait to start crisscrossing the country again, calling games in front of a full house, instead of his home.