By Brooke Katz

DALLAS (CBDSFW.COM) – A new device could help doctors head off one of the deadliest complications of COVID-19, and it’s being developed in North Texas.

“It’s not going to tell you if you have COVID or not, but it does tell you the intensity and what is happening within your body’s immune system,” said Dr. Shalini Prasad.

She is leading a team of researchers at UT Dallas working on a small, wearable device that could be a big breakthrough.

It can be worn like an activity tracker, but it’s designed to detect the beginnings of what’s called a Cytokine Storm.

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Dr. Prasad said early detection means better treatment.

“It does matter not only what you’re providing, but when you’re providing,” she said.

The team actually started the work before the pandemic.

A Cytokine Storm isn’t specific to just COVID-19, it can be triggered by other illnesses like the flu.

The device is extremely sensitive, and uses tiny amounts of your passive sweat. It keeps track of your cytokine levels, and uses a color coded system to let you know if something is off.