DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The family of an 8-year-old boy found dead in a Dallas apartment complex swimming pool over the weekend is now considering taking legal action against the property.

Keydall Jones’ family says he ran off Friday morning, April 30, when they were trying to put him in the car for school, something he was known to do.

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The little boy had autism and was nonverbal.

Keydall Jones (credit: Jones family)

His body was found in a pool at the Doral apartment complex on Saturday morning, May 1.

The pool is currently under construction and didn’t have a fence around it at the time he went missing.

“It was so preventable,” said Michael Levine, a friend and spokesperson for the family. “It was so preventable.”

Apartment management confirm the permanent fence around the pool had been taken down for a construction project.

They say a temporary barrier was initially put up, but the contractor hired to do the work took it down sometime last week before Keydall went missing.

They are looking into why that happened and are fully cooperating with the Dallas Police Department in their investigation.

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“It’s just a bad situation,” said James Frederick, who lives by the pool at the Doral. “This could have been handled a little better. A week ago, two weeks ago, he would have been alive, because he would have come through here and couldn’t get through this.”

A temporary chain link fence was put up around the pool after Keydall’s body was found.

Keydall’s family says it’s just one of the failures that led to the worst possible outcome – finding their son dead 24 hours after he went missing.

They feel the response from the Dallas Police Department wasn’t at all adequate.

Levine says the family had to coordinate the search themselves and hire their own K-9 tracking dog.

“We were left entirely to our own devices,” he said. “We had no point of contact. We didn’t know what to do. We were left on their own, and it was a terrible, terrible feeling.”

Dallas Police said they had multiple units out, searching in several locations for Keydall and checking nearby pools.

They were also working on a request for an Endangered Missing Persons Alert.

“His death should not be in vain,” Levine said. “It cannot be that another family of a handicapped child has to go through this again. DPD law enforcement must have something in place, must have a protocol in place, must be able to tell family, provide real assistance.”

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They hope Keydall’s death sparks change at DPD.

Caroline Vandergriff