By Nicole Nielsen

LUCAS, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – What started as any other rainy Sunday afternoon for the Pool family, turned dangerous quick.

“We saw the lightning, actually move through the house,” said homeowner Jana Pool.

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Their home, only three years old and located in Lucas, was struck by lightning. It traveled all the way from the front of their house to the attic above the back bedroom, where it caught fire.

First responders were luckily able to douse the flames quick. However, it’s the lasting damage that is leaving the family overwhelmed.

“All of our stuff, is gone,” Pool said.

Water damage has soaked the entire home, leaving it unlivable. They have to gut the entire interior and rebuild.

“You can’t believe it… and sometimes you ask, like I’m like ‘why, why God, us?” Pool said.

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They did manage to get out their valuables, including photos and hunting gear.

“I was thinking more about the pictures and some of those things that we can’t replace.”

But Pool said the most important thing of all was that they got out safe.

“This can all be rebuilt, but the lives could never come back if something were to happen to my husband or children,” she said.

The family is now looking at what they learned from the experience, including the importance of lightning rod — something they plan to include in their next home build, as well as what others, can learn from them.

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“Be aware of storms and the damage that they can really do. I would have never in my mind thought that this would have happened.”

Nicole Nielsen