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FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Thousands of votes determined that ‘Lucchese’ was the perfect name for the Fort Worth Zoo’s newest giraffe calf.

This sweet lil’ fella was Kala’s seventh calf. Lucchese was born weighing 174 pounds, standing 6 feet tall. (credit: Fort Worth Zoo)

It beat out: Jabali (meaning “strong as a rock” in Swahili), Mwezi (“moon” in Swahili), Hickory and Thor.

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Lucchese was born May 7 to parents Kala and Walter. He weighed 174 pounds at birth and stood more than 6 feet tall. This is Kala’s seventh calf and Walter’s first.

The Fort Worth Zoo houses reticulated giraffes, a name that describes the mammal’s chestnut-brown rectangular markings. Like human fingerprints, each giraffe pattern is different. Native to the African savannas, a giraffe’s most distinguishing feature is its long neck, which can account for 7 feet of its height.

Lucchese brings the Zoo’s herd to nine.

He took his first strides in the African Savanna on June 14 with the rest of the herd.

Lucchese isn’t the only newborn out in the Savanna.

‘Peaches’, the lesser kudu calf, was born May 5 to parents Umbrella and Martini. The lesser kudu is an African hoofstock species characterized by its coat consisting of one white line down its back with 11 to 14 stripes branching off. This pattern helps camouflage the kudu in the brush where it lives. The lesser kudu’s large ears capture and funnel sound, which makes it easier for the animal to hear approaching predators.

Both babies are sticking nearby mama for now, but guests can see them romp in the African Savanna on their next visit.

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