By Erin Jones

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Last month Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia shared his plan to cut violent crime.

It focuses on zeroing in on high crime areas and partnering with community groups to clean them up.

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Antong Lucky, with Urban Specialists and Trisha Allen, with No More Violence work in these communities every day and see what’s happening.

“When you see kids as young as one year old, four years old getting shot by these high powered rifles, that’s cause for alarm,” Lucky said. “So if you’re not alarmed by that, if that doesn’t shock you then we have to shake you out of that comatose that you’re in.”

“It’s become more of a serious problem that we as a community are addressing and trying to get as much help as we can with the resources are available,” Allen said.

On Wednesday, June 23, President Joe Biden announced his plan to address these issues.

Saying when it comes to curbing gun violence — what works is:

*Background checks

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*Ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines

*Community policing and programs

“I think the president is spot on,” Lucky said. “We have to stop politicizing when we have one-year-olds being murdered all across this country.”

Shaquana Persley knows what it’s like to lose a child to gun violence.

“I lost my daughter Shavon Randale at the age of 13,” she said. “My baby has been gone for four years and like I said you wake up every day, every kind of emotions every day.”

Since her death, Persley has been sharing how this has impacted her life with kids and teens, trying to make an impact.

“They’re not going to be able to understand our pain, but we show them the pain that we have to go through,” she said.

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“The young people have to learn to make better choices – and we can not stop, not stop,” Allen said.

Erin Jones