DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s a crime that can be committed in just minutes, which is why when it comes to protecting your car from catalytic converter theft, law enforcement says there’s some things you should consider.

“The thieves are getting by faster than we can catch them,” said Jose Munoz, the assistant chief of the Dallas County Marshal Service. “Help us help you reduce these offenses.”

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The North Texas Auto Theft Task Force sent out tips to help protect your converter such as:

Parking your car in the garage or a lighted area near the entrance.

Consider having your catalytic converter welded onto the car frame.

Consider buying security features such as catalytic converter locks for your vehicle.

Engrave your vehicles VIN number on the catalytic converter.

Explore your car alarm capabilities

Paint the converter a bright high-temperature paint.

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Though these tips may not be foolproof in protecting your catalytic converter, he says it’s the best way to slow down a criminal, and buy law enforcement extra time.

“The more work you make for them, possibly the more noise, the more time, it’s possible somebody will be able to see them and catch them in the act,” Munoz said.

So far this year the Dallas Police Department has recorded 1,016 catalytic converter thefts.

One-hundred and eight of those were in July.

Bryan Witherspoon of Muffler King in Dallas says he sees cars brought in with converter thefts all day long.

“That [number] is just the ones that are reported. I promise you it’s a whole lot worse,” Witherspoon said.

Though he says he’s seen all the trucks attempted, he says doing something, is always better than nothing.

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“Try something, but the most effective way is if you’re at home, lock your car up,” he said.

Nicole Nielsen