By Staff

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Around 22 terabytes of data were inadvertently deleted from the Dallas Police Department’s network, and officials in Dallas County are looking into how many cases are going to be affected by the incident.

Earlier this month, officials learned that a data migration of the police department’s network drive led to the loss of data in April 2021, according to Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot. The 22 terabytes of files were deleted between March 31, 2021, and April 5, 2021.

Creuzot said about 14 terabytes were recovered but that eight terabytes are still missing and may not be able to be recovered.

The district attorney’s office said it’s working with the police department to see how many cases could be impacted and that the data loss could apply to cases before July 28, 2020.

According to the district attorney, the data loss should not affect cases that don’t have a detective, such as DWI, evading arrest and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

Anyone who believes their case is affected is asked to prepare a written request and submit it to the trial prosecutor. Staff