By Ken Molestina

CORINTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Two North Texas police departments have merged into one in hopes of expanding their manpower, and offering more services to the residents they serve.

The Corinth Police Department and Lake Dallas Police Department in Denton County have officially started their test merger period which will last a full year.

During this pilot year, administrators say they will study the plans effectiveness.

Captain Jimmie Gregg of the Corinth Police Department said the move is largely due to the recent boom in population throughout their municipalities, and the need to serve more residents.

“Denton County is rapidly approaching one million people and the city of Corinth and Lake Dallas are experiencing that growth as well,” said Capt. Gregg.

He said Corinth has 36 police officers, Lake Dallas has another 16.

Between the two departments they become a combined police force of more than 50 which will serve Corinth, Lake Dallas, and the small town of Shady Shores.

They will cover about 15 square miles of combined jurisdiction.

Capt. Gregg said residents in those areas shouldn’t be surprised to see the two departments handling calls and emergencies within the different neighboring cities.

“We want to provide a higher level of service of what we do and we want to be more efficient more effective and add some more resources to what we already have,” he said. “Not many cities have done this and pulled it off, and it’s something we are looking to do… maybe lead the way in how to do this for other agencies in the future.”