By Madison Sawyer

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – History comes to life at the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth, a living history museum owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth.

The village is dedicated to the preservation of both architecture and the way of life during the frontier days of the 1800’s. Six log houses, dating back to the nineteenth century, are on the property and were restored and relocated with the purpose of providing a vivid look of what life looked like on the Texas frontier.

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Rena Lawrence is the Historic Site Supervisor for the Village and says it offers visitors the chance to think about the differences between life back then versus now.

I always hear the phrase, ‘Oh, life was simpler then,'” Lawrence explains. “but oh, it absolutely was not simpler. Quieter, maybe, but it was not simpler.”

Linda Sanders is one of the Historical Interpreters at the Log Cabin Village that dress in historic style clothing and educate visitors on the history of Texas frontier life.

“It was a life without washing machines, a life without television, a life where you had to get up and work with animals in the mornings before you went to school,” Sanders explains. “All the difficulties of life, and that everything took longer.”

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Sanders says The Village offers a chance for visitors to escape their reality.

“You get to leave your present and step into the past for an hour or so and find out what it was like to live in a different time period,” Sanders explains. “Find out what things are different and what things are also the same.”

Hoping visitors will make a connection with the past, that will impact their future.

“We want you to have something from your visit that you can take with you, and have built a real connection to the place, to the people, to the time period, and really have an appreciation, not only for our museum, but for museums in general,” Lawrence says.

The Log Cabin Village is located at 2100 Log Cabin Village Lane in Fort Worth.

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The current hours of operation for The Village are Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. Sunday and Monday the living history museum is closed.

Madison Sawyer