UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A pop-up bookstore – run entirely on donations and by volunteers – is back open in University Park.

It raises funds for the city’s library, but it’s generating much more than revenue.

It’s the second chapter of Second Chapter Books.

“I was so excited, because I had gotten so many good reads for the summer last year,” said customer Beth Dargene.

The pop-up started as a pandemic project last year to find good homes for good books.

Second Chapter Books (CBS 11)

The first time around, they projected the store would earn $5,000 over three months. Instead, it stayed open six months and generated more than $26,000 in revenue.

And when it reopened Saturday, Oct. 2 they could barely keep the books on the shelves.

“We had the doors wide open, and there were people just constantly streaming in and buying and purchasing books. It was fun,” said Renne Lokey, the Chief Operating Officer of the Friends of the University Park Public Library.

“You know if books are getting donated here, that means someone else has read them and loved them, so it’s always a great find,” said customer Megan Rodgers.

Everything in the store, including the art, is donated, and most books sell for $1 to $5.

The proceeds go to the University Park Library. But customers and organizers alike said the true gift is uniting the community with a shared love of reading.

“You can come in here and see friends that you haven’t seen and get books. I also give them to my neighbors,” said Dargene.

“As we kind of creep our way out of this pandemic, and people are looking to reconnect with community and with society, we’re thrilled to be here, to provide that space that safe space where people can connect, and where they can find joy in small things,” said Michael Gerstle, President of the Friends of the University Park Public Library.

Second Chapter Books is located in Snider Plaza and is open Saturdays and Tuesdays through December 18. Staff