By Nicole Nielsen

THACKERVILLE, Okla. — An Amtrak train that left out of Fort Worth Friday night was involved in a crash with a car hauler in Oklahoma.

Jeremy Menchaca was a passenger. He lives in Oklahoma City, but was traveling to DFW to visit friends.

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“I was thinking, ‘Hey, it’s cheap to take a train… I will just take a train down [to Fort Worth] and take the train back,’” Menchaca said.

He admits the ride was only his second ever aboard an Amtrak, and one he’ll never forget.

“I felt it breaking harder than I guess what I would expect to be normal,” Menchaca said.

The car hauler was stuck on the tracks when his train hit it.

It happened near Thackerville, Oklahoma — just across the Texas border — around 7 p.m.

Pictures from the Love County Police Department show the destruction to the truck and its cars.

Amtrak crash near Thackerville, Oklahoma (Credit: Love County Fire Department)

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Officials said four people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals, all of them were passengers on the train.

The driver of the truck and his dog were not hurt, officials also said.

“I felt the impact,” Menchaca said. “I saw the front of the truck and then we just saw sparks until we stopped.”

The Oklahoma City resident said he was in the second car on the train, but the first car saw the most damage.

Despite the distress, Menchaca did make it home OK after waiting around five hours.

On Saturday, he said he just felt sore from the impact but grateful it wasn’t more serious.

“It made my heart rate go up a little bit, my nerves are still rattled by it,” Menchaca said.

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Neither Amtrak or Oklahoma Highway Patrol have responded to CBS 11’s request for comment.

Nicole Nielsen