By J.D. Miles

MANSFIELD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Parents got some answers Thursday night, Oct. 21 surrounding what happened inside a Mansfield ISD’s Timberview High School early this month where four people were shot.

Mansfield ISD organized a town hall meeting to reassure the community that it’s taken steps to improve safety.

During this discussion about security, Arlington Police Chief Al Jones revealed there’s no evidence that the suspected shooter was bullied as has been reported.

“We can’t and we won’t say that there was any evidence of bullying that day or any other day,” he said.

Aside from that important piece of information, a number of parents said they believe the school district’s active shooter plan failed on October 6 despite the district insisting otherwise.

Jerry Faminia believes only one thing can protect his daughter who is a Mansfield High School student.

“We want metal detectors really,” said Faminia.

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Faminia was among around a 100 parents who brought concerns to a public meeting on school security.

“We are committed to every aspect of the incident that occurred, the response reunification and our approach to a focus on healing,” said Superintendent Kimberley Cantu, who addressed the parents before her staff laid out some of the enhancements made to harden campuses.

They include more officers, extra security cameras, random checks with metal detector wands and stricter visitor screenings among others.

When parents had a chance to speak, some praised the response to the shooting while others questioned it.

One student raised the issue that students should leave their backpacks in their lockers when they are in class.

The superintendent said it was one of the ideas that would be considered while the district explores ways to prevent this from happening again.