By Madison Sawyer

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — There are multiple immersive experiences in DFW where you can see Vincent Van Gogh’s art broadcasted and animated onto walls, ceilings, and floors. But if you want to see the real thing, Vincent Van Gogh’s actual, original paintings, there is only one place locally to see them up-close.

The Dallas Museum of Art is offering a temporary exhibition titled “Van Gogh and the Olive Groves,” where a complete series of Van Gogh’s original paintings will be on display through February 6, 2022.

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Leah Hanson is with the Dallas Museum of Art and explains how the arrangement of his work in a circle, allows the viewer to be encompassed by his art.

“You actually feel like you’re in the olive groves because the trees are literally surrounding you, they’re all around you,” Hanson says. “You’ll be able to see in one fell swoop, how he looked at those trees over and over again and painted them in different ways.”

She says Van Gogh’s complete Olive Grove series has not been together in one room since they were first created, allowing visitors a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to see his work up close.

“You can’t see Van Gogh’s detail in a poster or in a book,” she says. “But here, when you’re in front of the paintings, you can actually see how thick that paint is coming off the canvas and you can literally imagine his brushstroke.”

Visitors can view the paintings from just a few inches away and learn more about the famous artist who painted them.

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“This show really highlights a time when he was having trouble,” Hanson explains. “He actually had a mental breakdown and he checked himself into a hospital and that’s where all these paintings were created.”

The paintings are arranged in the order in which Van Gogh painted them, allowing visitors to go on a journey with the artist to see how his work changed with time.

“He started in June, so early summer, but by the time we get to the end of the series, it’s late fall, it’s November, December,” Hanson explains. “So, you can actually see how the olive groves themselves change. You can see the sky and the light a little bit different, and how he captured that change of nature.”

The exhibition also allows visitors to explore the science behind Van Gogh’s paintings through interactive technologies.

“You’re going to be able to use the magnifying glasses and see a before and after,” Hanson explains. “We learn more about what his color palette was really like, and how his colors have changed over time, we learn about his technique and his materials, and you just get a better view of what it might have been like for him in his day when he was painting.”

On Saturday, November 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the Dallas Museum of Art is offering a free “Family Festival” centered around Vincent Van Gogh’s work.

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There will be kid-friendly activities throughout the museum and outdoors that will allow an approachable way to introduce kids into the world of art. No advance sign up is needed.

Madison Sawyer