By Keith Russell

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – What a year it’s been for Cliff Harris. Taking his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Part of the Cowboys first two Super Bowl titles, none of which would’ve been possible for him without a father who instilled courage in him as a child.

Cliff Harris (credit: Keith Russell – CBS 11)

Cliff Harris says “I’m such a fortunate guy to be here talking to you today because of him”.

Orland Jordan Harris…. Better known as Buddy A standout football player at Quachita Baptist college, before joining the Air Force.

A P-38 pilot during World War II.…helping the U.S. hold off Japan’s advance on the Philippines.

Cliff Harris says that’s when he was shot down.

“it makes me so proud. His determination and toughness”. So tough….. Buddy was stranded in the China sea for an entire day before swimming to safety. Cliff say “he told me one time. He looked at his arms and they were paddling and he didn’t have anything to do with it”.

Because of that bravery, Buddy Harris received the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross.

Cliff says those will always rank higher than any of his personal achievements.

Pointing to his dad’s medals, Cliff proclaims “these are his rings and super bowl trophies”.

Like many, Cliff Harris sees Veterans Day as a chance to celebrate those who selflessly helped change the course of history and that includes his dad.

He emotionally states “it was a great deal. He was a great father”. Gone but never to be forgotten