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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM)The Street Dog Project has found homes for nearly 600 dogs in the Dallas area. The organization is a non-profit that helps dogs of any breed get off the streets and into loving forever homes.

A dog named Siri was the organization’s first rescue. She lucked out when Street Dog co-founder Rekka Melby was headed to another rescue and spotted her about to run onto the interstate.

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“We fed her. She tried to eat the whole rotisserie chicken and then we got a leash on her, and she led us about a mile to her puppies,” Melby said.

Siri navigated them to an abandoned house where her eight puppies were living. The Street Dog Project took them all in and that’s when Siri got her name — because of her excellent navigation skills. Melby then fostered and ended up adopting Siri.

Many of the rescued dogs have been shot or hit by cars.

“I just look at her and I think I can’t believe that she was about to be euthanized,” said Jessica Cobos. “And without them I mean, they have saved so many dogs.”

Cobos was initially looking to foster a dog. But she knew after just five months of fostering, that she found a forever friend in Pippa. Pippa was rescued off the streets of Dallas after being hit by a car.

“She’s crazy, drives me crazy, ruins a lot of my pants by chewing on them, her hair is everywhere but no, she’s great, and I’m just so thankful that they saved her,” Cobos said. “I really can’t imagine our lives without her.”

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Melby says, “We just want to play matchmaker and make it a lifelong match.”

And dogs like the one named Happy Gilmore are thriving with forever families, even on three legs.

“Happy Gilmore survived the winter week on the streets, a Good Samaritan was feeding him and then he showed up limping, and then we found that a bullet had shattered his femur, so he had to have his leg amputated,” Melby said.

But many dogs are still waiting on their forever home, like Buddy and Jovie, who were found tied to railroad tracks.

“There’s just so many wonderful dogs like Buddy and Jovie, prime examples of the dogs at shelters that are so sweet, and they just need a chance,” says Melby.

The pair just welcomed nine puppies! All of them will be available for adoption in mid-January.

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