DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s an often overlooked medium: the sticky note.

But a couple of artists who call themselves the “Note Art Bandits” created a Santa inspired mural called “The Kringlez” that uses 5,600 notes and took 100 hours to create.

It’s on display at The Shops at Park Lane.

“The Kringlez” (credit: Note Art Bandits)

The artists, Kary Cooper and Shaun O’Keefe, are sticky note muralists.

They use office supplies to create large pieces of art.

They said what started out as an office prank on a friend’s window quickly became a hobby to express themselves.

Each piece is original and crafted with nothing more than sticky notes and a pair of scissors.

The guys even whipped up a mural during Nicole Nielsen’s reports Tuesday morning of a wreath with a CBS eye logo on it.

Wreath with CBS eye logo (CBS 11).

The Santa mural is located at the Shops at Park Lane next to the Christmas tree.

CBSDFW.com Staff